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Product of Japan
Konpeito is a tiny sugar lump repeatedly coated with sugar-based syrup. To produce this snack, the sugar lumps are heated slowly in a large inclined rotating pot called “dora” and by applying the syrup drop by drop, it eventually turns to a ball with a number of horny prongs.This assortment features five different colors and flavors: white (plain sugar), purple (grape), orange (peach), yellow (apple), and green (soda pop). The colored konpeitos are pigmented only with natural colorants.Enjoy its simple sugar taste, crunchy texture, and a distinctive sound every time you bite. You can also enjoy this snack by adding it into tea, coffee, plain yogurt, or ice cream.

Kasugai - Konpeito Fruit Candy Assortment 85g

SKU: 4901326070462
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