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Keiji Kinoko no Yama has been one of the best selling Japanese cookie snacks for decades, and for a very good reason.


Kinoko No Yama is an enchanting creation that transforms simple (and delicious!) ingredients into an imaginative and cute treat. The wonderful texture of crisp biscuit stems and the creamy taste of luscious chocolate mushroom caps, makes this treat just as fun to eat as it is tasty.


Each piece takes you on a journey, as you enjoy the whimsical charm of the treasures of the forest. The interplay of flavors and textures, with the visual aspect of a mushroom-shaped sweet snack, makes enjoying Kinoko No Yama a very enjoyable snacking experience.


At its heart, this is an almond-flavored biscuit dipped in milk chocolate. But really, it's very much more than that!

Meiji - Kinoko no Yama 74g

SKU: 4902777008592
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