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Product of Japan

A Japanese soup base made with a base of soy sauce and bonito flavored dashi broth.

Ideal for creating authentic Japanese noodle soups and dipping sauces, the Mizkan tsuyu soup base is also enriched with natural ingredients such as vinegar, shiitake, bonito flakes, and kelp seaweed.


This versatile Mizkan soup base can be used to create a delicious broth for both hot and cold noodle soups and is particularly popular in Japan for use with udon and soba noodle dishes.



You can use this Japanese tsuyu to enrich your dishes, as a soup base for noodles or as a dipping sauce for tempura.

Use a different ratio of tsuyu soup stock to water according to each use:

  • Dipping Sauce for Noodles [Ratio of 1:1]: add the same amount of water and tsuyu soup base when you use it as a dipping sauce for cold udon, soba or somen noodles.
  • Soup Base for Hot Noodles [Ratio of 1:3]: Add 3 times more hot water than tsuyu broth when you use it as a soup base for noodles.
  • Dip Sauce for Tempura [Ratio of 1:2]: Add 2 times more water than tsuyu sauce when you want to use it for dipping tempura style foods.

MIZKAN Oigatsuo Tsuyu Soup Base 473ml

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