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VIVA Pork Tocino made in Canada

Pork tocino is Filipino cured meat made of beef, chicken, or pork, Tender, sweet, and rich slices of pork belly.  The word “tocino” is a Spanish term for “bacon,” something I hope all of us are very familiar with. In short, it’s cured pork belly and was originally introduced to the Philippines during Spanish colonization. But don’t be fooled because Filipino pork tocino is very different from Western bacon made of thin strips of salty pork or salty cubed Spanish tocino. What makes Filipino pork tocino different from other bacon is its red hue, its sweet marinade, and the addition of ingredients like anise, wine and/or annatto.

A staple on any Filipino breakfast menu.

Product Details

  • Main Ingredient: Pork
  • 100% Canadian meats
  • Package weight: 350g

VIVA Pork Tocino 350g

SKU: 019962813139
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